What business can learn from the military

Common needs for leading and managing complex organizations are what intertwine business and military organizations. As interim dean of a business college that houses a military science and leadership program, including Army ROTC, I’m learning more and more just how much business can learn from the military. Even some of the courses taught by the … More What business can learn from the military

The winds of change

As some of you may know, I have accepted the position of dean at the Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama and will be moving this summer. I have enjoyed my six years at WMU immensely. The progress we have made has been significant. Of all the things I will miss about … More The winds of change

Why global travel is essential for business professionals

I often meet with students and alumni and hear about their academic and professional experiences abroad. As they return from their travels, I am impressed by their increased engagement and development—they readily share experiences and have a new understanding of the world and of themselves. I also travel throughout the world meeting with potential educational … More Why global travel is essential for business professionals

Happiness at Work

Welcome to Just Business, a new digital space where my colleagues and I at the Haworth College of Business share perspectives on topics that are all about business. When we talk about business, we often talk about the obvious topics and conversation starters such as revenue, technology, marketing and the global financial markets —but we … More Happiness at Work